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Our Service

Everything we serve is plant based and gluiten free. Yes we mean EVERYTHING, we promise! We understand there is a need for more plant based and solely gluten free meals and desserts, and we want to be able to provide it to you without any hesitation or question of cross contamination. We are proud to be able to serve our community freshly prepared food and pastries free of animal and wheat products.

At Better Bowls we have vegan and gluten free "Buddha bowls" which are bowls filled with a grain or lettuce base, a plant based protein (beans or soy option), fresh and cooked vegetables, and topped with a sauce of your choice.  We are dedicated to providing quality wholesome food in a convenient eco-friendly sugarcane bowl. Every bowl is plant based (vegan) which means no meat, eggs or dairy, and everything is cooked fresh that morning to give you the best experience with your meal.  

Growing up vegetarian my family mainly ate at home because there weren't a lot of restaurants with options for our diet.  But now it seems to be a growing trend in the food industry, and we want to be a part of it! We want to help fulfill a growing need for food options in the vegan/vegetarian community as well as provide another delicious option for the modern omnivore.  We hope our delicious bowls will satisfy plant and meat lovers alike.  Stop by our new location in downtown Bakersfield at 1818 G St to try it out!